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Mint Your COSA NFT

Release your next music project as a COSA NFT and you’ll get direct payments whenever your NFT is purchased or transferred among your fans. Music NFTs offer a new way to distribute music and to receive royalty payments for life.

You provide the music files or video content and we will take care of the rest.

When you mint your NFT with COSA we work with you to create a package that represents your brand. We will mint your smart contract, create a content experience for your fans, market your NFT, and manage all the technical and logistical details of your NFT sale. 

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Get Started Selling NFTs at your next show.

Register and send us your content and you’ll receive a promotional box to help you advertise and sell your NFT.  We will take care of creating the smart contract and craft a memorable experience that will captivate your fans. With our patent-pending physical certificates of authenticity, you can start selling NFTs alongside your other merchandise. 

-Your music assets minted on the blockchain network

-Custom NFT content experience for your fans

-Patent Pending physical NFT certificate that will give fans direct access to your content 

-Promo Box to start selling at your next show (Physical NFT certs, acrylic display cases, stickers, and more.)