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With the COSA wallet app you’ll have more ways to manage and enjoy your music NFTs. Be sure to check back soon to download our mobile app.


Get More with COSA NFTs

COSA gives musicians and creators an alternative to traditional distribution channels like Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube. Our platform lets creators distribute their content in the form of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs).


Everyone who buys an NFT receives a physical card that serves as a certificate of authenticity. When tapped on any iOS or Android device, it will give direct access to an artsit community where you can enjoy the NFT content.

Start Selling NFTs at your next show.

Release your next music project as a COSA NFT and you’ll get direct payments any time your NFT is purchased or transferred among your fans. Share exclusive content, engage, and offer unique real-world perks to your most loyal fans.

Music NFTs are a new horizon for content distribution and royalty payments to artists. Be a pioneer and partner with us to blaze the trail. You provide the content and we will create your blockchain smart contracts, build the experience for your fans to enjoy your content, and promote and handle the fulfillment of orders. We will also send you a promo box with physical NFT certificates that you can start selling at your next show or event.